Who are you?
My main name/nick is TheSharkMaster, I'm an artist/cartoonist from Brazil. Since 2007, I'm giving my best to be a good artist and survive between the big artists - hopefully I'll be one of them some day.
Are you a guy or a girl?
Easy, I'm a guy :P
Which software/hardware do you use for your artworks?
For my artworks, I use Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and Macromedia Flash.
My tablet is a Wacom Cintiq 16.
Who are your main artistic influences?
My influences come mainly from cartoons: Don Bluth, Maxwell Atoms, Genndy Tartakowsky, Bruce Timm, Joe Murray, Jhonen Vasquez, Jorge R. Gutierrez, among many others.
Do you take commissions? How much do you charge?
Currently, I'm not taking new commissions. I'll post in the Blog section when I have open slots.
Do you livestream?
Currently, I'm not doing livestreams because of time reasons. But I have pages in Picarto and Twitch, I'll let you know when I resume my stream schedule.
Can I share your drawing on social networks?
Surely, just make sure that you credit me. I usually put the drawings up on my own pages so it'd be very nice if you reblog or share from my accounts when you can.

I also really appreciate people who drop me a credit line whenever they see my drawings somewhere without a link back to my gallery. That means a lot to me!

I don't mind if my drawings make their way across the Internet so long as they aren't being claimed by someone else or being used to make money without my permission.
May I draw your OCs?
Surely! You are more than welcome to draw them, just give me the credits for creating them! Both SFW and NSFW are allowed, just don't draw them in too weird situations lol

If you draw any of my OCs, let me know because I would love to share your work on my page - with your permission, of course!
Do you prefer to draw guys or gals?
Both of them, though I have some preference for the gals.
Did you go to art school? Should I go to art school?
I just had some art classes when I was younger, but they technically were not so important for my current art style. I learned almost everything about my art style checking tutorials and watching artists drawing live in streams.

Art School helps a lot, but my main tip for all beginner artists: Keep practicing. It may to sound repetitive, but it's the best tip that I can to give. Keep practicing, watch livestreams and don't be afraid of checking tutorials and looking for references.
Some of your pictures has flaws or errors...
Well, that's normal! I'm still learning, trying to do new stuff and such, I have a lot of weak points in my artworks. Above all, Rule34 pictures are just for the fun and not meant to be taken too serious.

Some artists takes it too serious and live out their hobby till perfection. I'm doing this in my free time and it means that it’s not perfect at all. I'm still not a professional.
Is there a way to support you?
While I'm not taking commissions, you always may to donate something, through PayPal or Ko-Fi!