Since I have to pay for a lot of stuff to keep this website online – and doing free art at the same time – I need some help from you.

Under normal circumstances, I earn money to run this website with my commissioned artworks and my real-life jobs, but this isn’t always possible due to the large amount of time that I take to finish my works. Earning money for the website costs time and energy I could spend on my own projects. Unfortunately I pay it out of my own pocket – for the most part, from my saved money, which is limited.

One thing at first, the hosting itself costs nothing except the fees for the domains. So-called “Service providers” and extra services that I need to run the website are the major part of all monthly costs such as subscriptions for static image storage (CDNs; Traffic wise), security services, premium APIs for certain page functions, support fees for theme developers, art software, hardware and so on.

I’ll reopen my donations soon, I still have to deal with some PayPal issues that aren’t allowing me to take payments right now because of my bank account.