This is a website about porn. Like everything in the lower regions of the Internet there are many sick and disturbing things around and many subcultures.
This Website is part of the Internet subculture “Rule 34“. This Rule says: If it exists, there is porn of it – No exceptions.

Legal aspects

To make one last thing clear:
I don’t sexualize minors here! All characters drawn here are 18 years old or older, even if specified otherwise.

If my drawings may equal with obscenity or even worse things in your country or government it is not our job to keep up the puritanical ideology on this site. I don’t have any influence about of badly written/unclear laws or edicts made by politicians from all over the world. Use your common sense to accept that those are just fictional cartoon characters and not real people.

For more information and legal questions you also can reach me through the contact form in this website.

Parody or Pornography?

I create parodies of fictional cartoon characters known from popular TV Shows, video games, other digital, physical media. The main reason for this is to tell a “What if…“-story. “What if the characters had a libido or adult behavior? ” I don’t make templates for masturbating or stimulate sexual fantasies as such. The artistic and technical aspect is what we try to live out here – Not the own animal instincts of some basement nerds. There is a difference between realistically portrayed fictional individuals and highly stylized cartoon characters who are already parodies of itself.

The artists here on this website are illustrators and authors who working most the time on so-called requests and commissions. Other people tell us what we have to draw for them including detailed instructions. For free or against a service fee which counts as private purchase of personal services. The illustrators only follow the instructions of the customers or requesters.

If you want to blame someone, do it at the source not to the people who just doing a job. It’s not our job to judge people what they love. As long, it is unrealistically drawn cartoon porn it is not our business. Do your government ever arrested the revolver instead of the killer itself who used the gun to kill someone? Use common sense and you save yourself and us a lot of energy while discuss such fundamental key questions.

Why this website?

I’m aware about the fact that I could release my artworks on other places and art communities around the Internet. Platforms like Deviantart, Pixiv, Hentai Foundry or other art sites are existing since decades. Unfortunately platforms like those have a given base design and features/functions which are limited. I like to decide by myself how my portfolio looks like. I want to add my own assets and custom design.

Websites like Deviantart and Pixiv offering more features against money to personalize the user page but after all it’s the same boring default design. Deviantart might give you the freedom to add custom CSS (again against money) but all it does it make the journal page looks like one of those early 90s e-cards.

Another thing I hate is that you are forced to accept certain Terms of Services to use the sites. For example: Things which are legal where I live are against the “dA” rules and Pixiv forcing someone to censor their pictures. Social media platforms like Twitter or Discord also have blurry TOS. By accepting them you grant those services several permissions to use your artwork or file for whatever they want. Twitter especially has a problem with lots of moral crusaders who think to keep the Internet clean like republican town.

However, hosting a porn related website where I live wouldn’t be a problem. The thing that keeps me off to do that would not be the content – It were the youth protection. That’s why you have to love the U.S. laws because a simple “Yes – No” -button is enough. Hosting something like that in a European country would be result in employing youth protection agents, Privacy agents, adding your address into an impress and so on. The United States were always a very popular place to host porn related websites.


Having a website where you make the rules and where you can decide what to upload is a big chunk of freedom for me. It’s just the great feel to have the full control about your project. That’s something I don’t want to miss. I always wanted an own website to stay independent of art communities and shitty admins, report buttons and other stuff. That’s the big reason! The services I already use are basically just another portfolio. When those are getting nuked or banned for some reason, it wouldn’t be a huge loss.

Rely yourself on a 3rd party Internet company like Tumblr or DeviantArt only results in frustration.