This gallery is officially OPEN!

This is it… after a lot of effort, like carefully picking a hosting service that allows adult content, choosing a good theme for this page, drawing all the graphics, setting up colors, menus, several postponements, and many more… I finally can to say… my gallery is officially open for the public!

Here you will find my most recent works with its original upload date, including collabs with several artists, commissions, data of my original characters, and some more – can you imagine the massive amount of work that I had uploading all these pictures here? lol Well, the whole effort was worth. I hope that you also like the final result.

I have big plans in the future for this gallery, but I’ll not tell about it right now. Just stay tuned!

Ah, I would particularly like to thank all my followers in deviantArt, FurAffinity and Twitter for all the support over the years and for several great artists (too many to mention here) that are at my side in this job. You inspire me to keep going.

Don’t forget to follow @TSM_Draws to get all updates! See you next time!

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