Welcome to my hideout!

My name is TheSharkMaster, I'm a freelance adult cartoonist from Brazil. I have been drawing since when I was younger, but I'm working with adult illustrations since 2007.

You’ll find here some really neat stuff, like my artworks, pictures done by guest artists and even some experimental stuff, like some sexy games.
Please check the FAQ before trolling or opening threads in imageboards about me and complaining about what I do.
The main content here is Rule 34-related artworks, and also some stuff related to my original characters.
Any questions? Post comments or contact me!

Support me!

I'm drawing Rule34-related artworks since a long time ago, and all my artworks are supposed to be free. I don't want to hide my artworks behind pay-walls - I dislike artworks that are supposed to be exclusive-only and never meant to be released to public.
That's why I decided to have a website of my own to avoid the limitations of websites like DeviantArt, FurAffinity, Tumblr, among others, with their constantly-changing policies and rules.

With your donation, you can to help me to pay the costs for this website and other art related stuff to keep my art free for everyone, with no paywalls!



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